Take to the skies, try paragliding!

A great way to visit the earth from the sky, paragliding campsites are for fans of aerial sports. Choose your destination in France from our selection of paragliding campsites Vacances André Trigano. In the Southern Alps, at the campsite Le Courounba, you can caress the Mont Brison with your feet. Or you can opt for the campsite Trezmalaouen to look down on the Bay of Douarnenez.

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Camping Le Courounba

Les Vigneaux, Southern Alps

Camping L'Avéna

Sartène, Corsica

Camping Arotxa Karrita

Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, Aquitaine

Camping Le Noble Val

Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, South-West Region

Camping La Forêt

Klingenthal, Alsace Lorraine

Camping Baie de la Chapelle

Chorges, Southern Alps

Camping Les Vaudois

Les Vigneaux, Southern Alps