When you book via the vacances-andretrigano.com website, you begin a business relationship with the «Les Etapes André Trigano» company, SARL with share capital of 700 000 euros, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 420 175 903 and whose head office is at 15 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris (75009), France.
Registration for one of the stays offered on the various mediums implies full acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale below and the internal regulations of the campsites.


These General Terms and Conditions define the means and conditions under which the Company LES ETAPES ANDRE TRIGANO SARL offers on its website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website” or “Websites”, both singular and plural) and in its catalogue (hereinafter referred to as “the Catalogue”) accommodation and pitches on campsites in France and abroad (hereinafter referred to as the “Campsites”) for rental by its Clients. The contract binding the Client to the Company is subsequently formed by the following documents, listed in descending order of importance:
- The booking request form completed by the Client on the Website or sent to the Bookings office by e-mail or post, which the Company commits to from the moment when said form or any document acting as such has been expressly accepted in writing by the Company (hereinafter referred to after acceptance as the “Booking Form”)
- These General Terms and Conditions of Sale
- The annex “Personal data protection charter for clients and related parties”.
Hereinafter, collectively referred to as the Contract.
In the event of any contradiction between one or more of the provisions that appear in any of the above-mentioned documents, the document with the highest priority shall prevail. In the event of any contradiction between one or more provisions in documents of equal importance, the most recent shall prevail. The fact that a provision that appears in an Annex is not expressly mentioned in the body of the Contract does not mean that it contradicts the body of the Contract.


1. Pricing and Price Changes
Prices include:
• The provision of the accommodation in question, fully equipped in accordance with the descriptions given on the Website and in the Catalogue, access to reception, entertainment and toilet blocks and, unless specified otherwise, water, gas, electricity and space for one car per lodging.
Prices do not include:
• Additional charges for one pet, depending on the campsite
• The security deposit, unless otherwise stated
• Optional extras (cots, high chairs, towel kits, etc.)
• Additional services (non-removable wristbands, vehicle passes, catering, extra spaces, etc.).
The Company cannot guarantee the availability of all additional services. The Client should contact the Campsite reception for information on the services available and the corresponding charges. The Campsite may request payment of a guest fee for any day visitors. A Campsite may refuse access to any such visitors or the guest fee may not necessarily grant access to all Campsite services.
The Company reserves the right to make changes to its prices.
All of the fees mentioned in the 2022 catalogue are valid for the 2022 season. Stays will be charged based on the fees at the time the reservations are made and are subject to availability.
The prices indicated are in euros, including VAT, and the Company shall automatically apply all changes or new legal or regulatory rates to prices given on the date of invoicing. These changes will be applied without clients being able to oppose them. Special offers or promotions are never retroactive and cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers. Guests are reminded that in compliance with Article L. 121-21-8 12° of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal provided for under Article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code does not apply to accommodation and leisure services.

2. Tourism tax/add-on charges
Tourism tax is charged per person over 18 years of age, per day and is not included in the price of the stay (except for prices at some sites mentioned in the catalogue). This tax is payable upon arrival at the campsite.
The amounts published are provisional. In the event of an increase in the tourism tax, the Client shall pay the amount corresponding to the current tax on the date of their arrival at the Campsite.
Tourism tax is a national tax and may be increased by an additional regional tax.
In addition to tourism tax, an eco-participation tax may also be charged at certain Campsites (the amount of these taxes will be displayed at the campsite reception).
Whatever package you book, from basic pitches to rental accommodation, extra add-on charges will be billed for additional vehicles (car, trailer, motorbike, boat, etc.) where permitted, as well as for extra tents, pets, guests, etc. All these charges and prices are listed in the camping/ motorhome price sections available on the www.campeole.com Website and displayed at the entrance to each Campsite.

3. Payment terms
All firm booking requests made by the Client must be sent in writing, either by:

- Booking directly on the Website or
- Sending the duly completed Booking Contract to the Bookings Office if booking via e-mail
- Going direct to the campsite
The Client must also make the following payments:
- A deposit for the amount of 25% of the price of the rental or the full amount of the booking.
- Any ancillary services
- A booking fee amounting to fifteen euros (€15) including VAT for stays from two to four nights. Over and above that duration the cost of the booking fee will be twenty-five euros (€25) including VAT
- Cancellation insurance (if required)
- The full cost of the stay in the event of bookings made less than thirty
(30) days before arrival
This booking is only binding upon receipt of booking confirmation sent by the Company.

In the case of reservations made 50 or 40 days before the date of arrival, a deposit of 25% must be paid at the time of reservation, followed by the remaining balance 30 days before the date of arrival.

If a booking is made more than 90 days before arrival, the client can pay the total amount for the stay (including for rental, any ancillary services booked, cancellation insurance if taken out and the administration fee) in 4 fee-free instalments as set out below:
- A deposit for 25% of the total rental amount, plus the administration fee, the total cancellation insurance cost if taken out and all ancillary services booked
- 25% of the total rental amount 90 days before arrival;
- 25% of the total rental amount 60 days before arrival;
- 25% of the total rental amount 30 days before arrival;
The remaining balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the stay begins, excluding last-minute bookings.
Where the full balance for a stay is not received by the deadlines indicated above, this will be considered a cancellation attributable to the client and the total amount for the stay will still need to be paid in full.

4. Last minute bookings
The client can book on the vacances-andretrigano website until noon on arrival day. After this, they must contact the campsite direct to check pitch or accommodation availability.
Any booking made less than thirty (30) days before the agreed arrival date must be paid for in full by card or bank transfer. Evidence of the transfer must be sent in by fax or email within 48 hours.

5. Accepted methods of payment
When paying the deposit or paying in full, the following methods of payment are accepted:
• Cheque or French postal order with the exception of payments made less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival
• ANCV holiday cheques (If this payment method is used it is advisable to send the vouchers duly filled out to the Company by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by any other secure means.), with the exception of holiday e-cheques.
Only correctly received holiday cheques can be accounted for. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the figures prior to posting. The Company reserves the right to demand any outstanding payment. Under no circumstances may the Company be held responsible for failure to receive ANCV cheques. The outstanding amount shall remain payable until payment is confirmed by the Company: debit/credit card or bank transfer. If paying with ANCV holiday vouchers, no refunds will be provided and no change will be given for overpayment.

6. Holiday vouchers and employee subsidies
The Company is a limited liability company and does not enjoy the ministerial approvals associations generally enjoy (as it does not fall into the “gites, home, family campsites” category). For this reason, we cannot accept holiday vouchers as a valid method of payment. If in France, please contact your local Caisse d’Allocations Familiales to find out if you are eligible for a refund. For the same reason, we invite you to contact your social services or works committee before booking to find out more about their holiday subsidy conditions.

7. Rental Accommodation Offers
The Company brings out offers for booking rental accommodation which are only valid at certain campsites.
- Duo offer: depending on the campsite, a 15% discount is applied for any stay booked before 9th July and after 27th August, for 2 adults with or without children under 7 years old, in rental accommodation with 2 bedrooms and a maximum of one bathroom.
The duo offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer and the best value deal will be applied. There are special conditions for certain works committees. When booking online, enter “DUO” in the Promotional Code box.
This offer is only valid in Etapes André Trigano campsites. On arrival, if a group contains more than 2 adults or children aged over 7, a supplement must be paid. Please note: children under 7 years of age must be mentioned in the “Comments” box.

- Long stay offer: discounts are applied for long stays of over ten (10) nights. Discounts increase for stays of over fourteen (15) nights. The offer is valid throughout the Campsite opening period for bookings over consecutive nights at the same Campsite and in the same accommodation. This will be calculated based on the total amount of the rental.

8. Client Identification
Bookings may only be made on a strictly personal basis. Under no circumstances may you sublet or transfer your booking without prior consent from the Campsite.
When making a booking, the Client is to provide the names and surnames and date of birth of all guests staying in the accommodation, as well as the registration number of the vehicle that will be parked on the Campsite, where applicable.
The Campsite has the right to refuse access to any person who is not registered during the booking process. The Client must be among those staying in the accommodation. For security and insurance reasons, it is by no means permitted to exceed the maximum number of occupants allowed in the accommodation.


1. Campsite Responsibility
The Client is covered by the Company’s civil liability insurance for the duration of their stay, covering all physical injury or material damage for which the company is held liable.
The Company cannot be held responsible for third-party communication containing incorrect information pertaining to the elements given across all marketing materials (such as the Catalogue or Website) used by the Company. All photos and text used across all our materials are nonbinding. They are provided as guidelines only and are subject to change at any time. The Company cannot be held responsible for changes made to dates, times or itineraries, the deleting or changing of some parts of a program due to events outside our control, such as strikes without warning, technical incidents, bad weather, epidemics, flight changes or any other cases of force majeure, or due to third-party circumstances that hinder service provision outlined in the agreement, or failure to fulfil contractual obligations.
As a general rule, all activities whether free or fee-paying mentioned in our materials may, in certain circumstances outside of the Company’s control and/or linked to a case of force majeure, have been changed or cancelled upon the Client’s arrival. The Company cannot be held responsible for these circumstances, nor do they constitute reason for cancellation. Features that are not yet completed are mentioned for information purposes only throughout our materials. The Company cannot be held responsible in the event that these features, for reasons outside the Company’s control and/ or linked to a case of force majeure, cannot be completed. The Company undertakes to keep clients up-to date on available features in real-time via its www.vacances-andretrigano.com website.
The Company cannot be held responsible for incidents that arise as a result of the Client purchasing services on site from independent service providers, or incidents provoked by the Client’s own initiative.

2. Client Responsibility
Upon arriving at the campsite, campers and caravanners are required to show proof of valid insurance for their caravan, tent and/or equipment, covering them in terms of civil liability in particular. We cannot be held responsible in the event of theft of or damage to personal belongings. Our civil liability insurance does not extend to theft of or damage to tents, caravans and their contents. In addition, the Company cannot be held responsible in the event of theft of or damage to personal belongings. Guests are also reminded that car parks are not supervised and that any vehicles are therefore parked at the user’s own risk.
The contracting client for the accommodation or pitch undertakes to use campsite equipment and facilities properly and for their intended purposes, and to ensure that those with them do so too. They undertake to leave their accommodation or pitch in good condition when leaving at the end of their stay. The perpetrator will be strictly liable for any damage to the locale and for any loss of or deterioration to rental accommodation furnishings or public buildings on campsites. The contracting client for the accommodation or pitch is considered personally responsible for any damage, loss, deterioration, trouble or nuisance caused by the people staying with them or visiting them. The contracting client for the accommodation or pitch acknowledges that they are aware of the campsite rules and undertakes to follow them and have them followed by the people with them or visiting them. Where a client causes trouble or a nuisance for other clients, or compromises the integrity of communal facilities, the campsite reserves the right to end their stay immediately without any compensation and without prejudice to any compensation claims that the campsite and its third parties may bring against the client in future. The same applies if the campsite discovers accommodation to be illicitly occupied (occupant numbers above the accommodation’s authorized capacity). The client confirms that they hold civil liability insurance covering damage to property rented by or entrusted to them (provide evidence).


Cancellation and interruption insurance is offered to the Client, which they may add to their booking if they so choose. Insurance may only be taken out at the time of making the booking and is taken out directly by the Company with:


It cannot be refunded in the event of a cancellation. All coverage is detailed in the «Insurance» information notes provided before the Contract is agreed and with the booking form or on the Client’s first request and on the vacances-andretrigano.com website.

Cancelation insurance with Covid extension

Cancellation insurance in brief

Covid-19 cover in brief here


1. Camping pitches
These pitches are designed for tents, caravans or motorhomes.
The price of your stay is based on a basic rate that includes the pitch, two (2) guests depending on the package you choose, your camping/caravan set-up, one vehicle on your pitch or parked in the car park, and access to the reception, entertainment and toilet facilities. Add-on fees (extra guest, extra car, electricity, double axel tree, etc.) are not included in the rate and will be added on to the price. All stays are free for children under 7 years of age before 2 July and after 27 August. Children are nevertheless counted when calculating accommodation or camping pitch capacity.
From 2 July to 27 August the days and times of arrival and departure may vary depending on the Campsite. It may be possible to extend your stay on site, depending on availability.

2. Rental accommodation
Depending on the campsite, customer arrivals are from 4pm (arrival time) and departures until 10am on the day of departure (departure time), during the period from 2nd July to 27th August 2022.
Unless otherwise stated on the corresponding Campsite website and/or in the Catalogue, rental accommodation may only be booked for at least seven (7) nights from 2 July 2022 to 27 August 2022. Outside this period, clients may arrive any day except Tuesday at Etapes VAT campsites, and on Saturdays only at Etapes André Trigano campsites.


On some sites and for some accommodation, a minimum rental period of 2 nights can apply for the period before 2nd July 2022 and after 27th August 2022.

On the Eurosurf campsite, a minimum 2-night rental is possible:

- Before 28/05/2022 and after 17/09/2022 for Premium accommodation.

- Before 18/06/2022 and after 10/09/2022 for the other accommodation.

Ascension Weekend: 4-night stay between 25/05/2022 and 28/05/2022.

Pentecost weekend: 3-night stay between 03/06/2022 and 05/06/2022.

For more details, contact the bookings team.

Sheets* can be provided for each bed in the rental accommodation. (*additional costs will be charged upon your arrival)
Detailed descriptions of our accommodation are available from the Bookings Office and on our Website: www.vacances-andretrigano.com. You may notice that layouts and facilities for the same package vary from one campsite to the next. Requests for a specific pitch or rental at your campsite may be processed depending on availability upon your arrival.

3. Particularities for Cuba campsites
The rental accommodation is in keeping with the local “campismo” camping standards and consists of basic adjoining chalets.
Due to local constraints, the Company shall not be held liable for any interruptions to the water supply, power cuts or miscellaneous local events that are likely to occur.


1. Changes Made by the Client
The Client may change the dates, location or package for their stay for the same season once and at no extra charge within the Campings VAT and Etapes VAT Campsites (subject to availability).
These changes must be made in writing (post, e-mail, fax) and sent to the bookings office or the Campsite, depending on how the booking was made. All charges already made to your account will be transferred to your new booking. After your one free booking change, any extra changes will result in an extra twenty-five euro (€25) booking fee.
Should the cost of the new booking be lower than that of the first booking, the Client will be refunded for the difference between the two, except in the event of changes made less than thirty (30) days prior to the arrival date. If the new stay is more expensive, the Client must pay the price difference between the two bookings by card on the date the stay is changed and at the price that applied when the initial booking was made.
We wish to draw the Client’s attention to the fact that any offers and promotions published by the Company after the first booking was made may not be applied to any booking that has been paid partially or in full, with the exception of changes to the number of occupants.
The same is true of changes to stays: the date and amount of the first booking are binding.
The Client can add options (extra guests for camping pitches, etc.) to their initial booking at any time as long as the campsite has availability.

2. Changes Made by the Company
In the event that the package is modified before the first day by the Company, the Client may:

  • Cancel the booking. The booking office will then refund all payments already made (including the booking fee and any insurance paid).
  • Accept the modifications made to their package. If said modification implies a reduction or increase in the price of the package, the Company shall bear the cost of said difference, either by refunding the difference to the Client or bearing the cost of the increase in the price of the stay.

In the event of late arrival or early departure compared to the dates initially given in your booking, the entire cost of the stay remains payable. No refund will be issued to the Client for unused days as a result of late arrival or early departure.


1. No shows at the campsite
In the event of no-shows at the campsite, 48 hours after the start of the stay and if no updates from the Client are forthcoming, the Campsite will make the pitch or rental accommodation available to other guests. The Company will invoice the fees in accordance with the cancellation conditions.

2. Cancellations by the Client
All cancellations must be made in writing and sent by registered letter with proof of receipt to our bookings office at the following address:
LES ETAPES ANDRE TRIGANO - Service Annulation - Zone Industrielle de Garaoutou, BP 7 - 09270 MAZERES or by e-mail to: annulation@vacances-andretrigano.com.
Cancellations enter into force on the date on which said letter or e-mail is received.
Rental accommodation or pitch cancellations:
• More than 30 days before the first day of the stay:
The Company shall retain 25% of the total amount of the rental cost, the booking fees and cancellation insurance.
If a gift pack was used, the total real value of the gift pack will remain payable to the Company.
• Less than 30 days before the first day of the stay:
The total cost of the stay remains payable to the Company. Cancellation fees may be covered under the cancellation guarantees on offer.

3. Cancellation by the Company
Before departure: if the Company chooses to cancel a firm and/or confirmed booking or stay due to reasons of force majeure, adverse weather, events resulting in partial or total destruction, total or partial administrative closure, delayed works due to bad weather or other reasons, deactivation of components deemed essential to the smooth-running of the Campsite, security risks, external factors, or if the Campsite is deemed in no ft state by company management, for any site listed in the Catalogue and the Website or any other catalogue or website, the Client shall be informed of the cancellation by registered letter or e-mail where applicable, and be issued a full refund for the amounts paid. However, damages and interest will not be paid in the event of such a cancellation.
As far as possible and subject to the stays, periods, products and destinations available, the Company will offer alternative solutions if the Client wishes. In the event of discrepancies between the price paid and the price of the new solution offered, the difference when resulting in a lower price will be refunded, and the difference when resulting in a higher price will be covered by the Company. Any other potential costs and expenses will not be covered, and any request for a refund or payment of said costs will not be processed.

During the stay: should the stay be interrupted by the Company as a result of cases of force majeure, climate, poor weather conditions, total or partial administrative closure, deactivation of components deemed essential to the smooth-running of the campsite, security risks, external factors, etc., the Campsite’s management will inform the Client in writing delivered directly to the Client, confirming that the stay will be cut short. The Client will be refunded on a pro rata temporis basis for any unused days. As far as possible and subject to the stays, periods, products and destinations available, the Company will offer alternative solutions if the Client wishes. In the event of discrepancies between the price paid and the price of the new solution offered, the difference when resulting in a lower price will be refunded, and the difference when resulting in a higher price will be covered by the Company.
Any other potential costs and expenses will not be covered, and any requestfor a refund or payment of said costs will not be processed.


A security deposit is payable upon arrival and will be returned at the end of the stay, within a maximum of eight days following the Client’s departure. The payment method for the deposit will be indicated in the client documentation. The deposit must be paid either via two separate cheques, or with a bank card imprint if the campsite has this facility or, if not, in cash. If paying the deposit via a bank card imprint, the campsite cannot be held responsible for the time the bank takes to return the amount.
For non-heated rental accommodation, a three hundred and ten euro (€310) security deposit is payable: two hundred and fifty euros (€250) to cover any potential damage to the accommodation and a sixty euro (€60) cleaning fee. For heated rental accommodation, a three hundred and thirty euro (€330) security deposit is payable: two hundred and fifty euros (€250) to cover any potential damage to the accommodation and an eighty euro (€80) cleaning fee.

Some campsites may also require a deposit of around twenty euros (€20) for the swipe card used to open the entrance barrier.
The amount will be wholly or partially retained by the Company in the event of damage caused to the accommodation and its contents and/or campsite material observed during the check-out inventory. Similarly, if the sheets and blankets or duvets provided with the accommodation are not returned or are damaged, all or part of the security deposit will be retained. The Company may also choose to retain the cleaning fee should the check-out inventory reveal that cleaning has not been carried out at the end of your stay. If the check-out inventory is satisfactory and matches the check-in inventory, the Company will return the Client’s security deposit cheques by post no later than eight days following the client’s departure and any cash amounts paid will be refunded at the end of the stay.


Unaccompanied minors are not allowed on the campsites without their parents or legal guardian.
Groups of minors are welcome in compliance with the French legislation governing how said groups are to be chaperoned. The bodies in charge of chaperoning these groups must be able to show ministerial approval pertaining to their area of activity.
Activity leaders in charge of these groups must be able to provide copies of their qualifications (copy of their BAFA diploma or any other qualification enabling them to work with groups of young people).
If the right conditions for chaperoning groups of minors are not complied with, or if the relevant declarations required from the organizers are not provided in time, the Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend the stay for groups of minors.
Any group of minors arriving at the campsite reception who do not abide by the points above will find their booking cancelled due to their actions. In this case, the cancellation terms in Article 8.2 apply.


With the exception of dangerous dog breeds that fall into France’s categories 1 and 2, which will automatically be denied admission, each individual Campsite reserves the right to approve (for an extra fee) or refuse access to all or some pets.
One pet per booking is accepted, except in cases where prior express permission is sought from the Campsite itself or the bookings office. Dogs must be kept on leads on our sites.
The Client undertakes to show consideration for the health, safety and cleanliness of the site. The Client must present up to-date vaccination papers upon arrival of any animals that need to be micro-chipped or deflead. What’s more, animals are forbidden around the pools, in the restaurants and in food retail premises.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Contract.
The applicable Contract is that which is in force on the day of booking. The Ts&Cs are accepted by the client when they sign the booking form and pay the deposit.


In accordance with French Data Protection Law no.78-17 of 6 January 1978, the client should be aware that the data they provide when booking will not be shared with any third parties and is considered confidential. The Client has the right to access, correct and forbid the transfer of their data to third parties. These rights can be asserted by sending a letter to LES ETAPES ANDRE TRIGANO, Zone industrielle de Garaoutou -BP7 – 09270 MAZERES, FRANCE.
The Personal Data Protection Charter for Clients and Related Parties can be viewed on our Website: www.vacances-andretrigano.com


Any potential complaints regarding this Contract, its interpretation and/or execution, or following a stay at one of our Campsites must be made in writing, within 15 days of the end of the stay, and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address (complaints sent by e-mail will not be processed): LES ETAPES ANDRE TRIGANO - Service clientèle - Zone Industrielle de Garaoutou, BP 45 - 09270 MAZERES, FRANCE.


The Customer can have free access to the MTV Association, in accordance with Article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, within a maximum period of one year from the date of the written complaint sent by registered letter to the Company.

The Company's Mediator is the MTV Association. Any request for mediation must be made to it by email at info@mtv.travel, or by post to Association MTV, 15 Av Carnot, 75017 PARIS.


Our selection for your holidays

Camping L'Avéna

Sartène, Corsica
Accommodation from 294,00€

/week Price TTC from 27/08/2022 to 03/09/2022 for a Bungalow tent 2 bedrooms, sleeps 5 without toilet , excluding booking fees.


Camping Penn Mar

Baden, Brittany and Normandy
525,75€ au lieu de 701,00€

/week Price TTC from 05/07/2022 to 12/07/2022 for a Maasaï Lodge 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4 , excluding booking fees.


Camping Domaine de la Pinède

Trégunc, Brittany and Normandy
330,75€ au lieu de 441,00€

/week Price TTC from 20/08/2022 to 27/08/2022 for a Lodge 2 bedrooms, sleeps 5/7 without toilet , excluding booking fees.

Camping Domaine de Montcalm

Les Mathes, Charente-Maritime
Accommodation from 420,00€

/week Price TTC from 28/08/2022 to 04/09/2022 for a Chalet 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6 , excluding booking fees.


Camping Les Rives de la Dordogne

Domme, Aquitaine
526,40€ au lieu de 658,00€

/week Price TTC from 13/07/2022 to 20/07/2022 for a , excluding booking fees.


Camping Le Rayolet

Six-Fours-les-Plages, Mediterranean Coast
716,00€ au lieu de 895,00€

/week Price TTC from 06/07/2022 to 13/07/2022 for a Mobile home 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6/8, air-conditioned , excluding booking fees.

Camping Les Mimosas

Le Lavandou, Mediterranean Coast
Accommodation from 497,00€

/week Price TTC from 27/08/2022 to 03/09/2022 for a Maasaï Lodge 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4 , excluding booking fees.

Camping La Dranse

Thonon-les-Bains, Rhône-Alpes
Accommodation from 217,00€

/week Price TTC from 27/08/2022 to 03/09/2022 for a Bungalow tent 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4 without toilet , excluding booking fees.